The universe of luxury jewelry

Rolex and their famous high-end watches, Chopard and their mythical gemstones, Swarovski and their quality diamonds and many more…all these brands that dominate the world’s jewelry and that are renowned for their very prestigious products are talked about at Minerals Kingdom among others…take a look for yourself!

The creators of
luxury jewelry

Luxury jewelers who have a great passion for goldsmithing have set themselves the ultimate task of finding the most precious stones out there, i.e. those that make fantastic shards appear.

To produce quality jewelry from noble diamonds, these luxury jewelers use diamonds that meet GIA standards.

In Paris, London, Milan, New York, and every fashion capital in the world, creators are trying to design jewelry products from every precious stone and unique material out there.

The meanings behind offering jewelry

Gold jewelry

A golden jewel is associated with the sun and its symbols: radiance, wealth, fertility…

Diamond jewelry

This gift is ideal and represents true eternal love between two people.

Silver jewelry

Silver jewelry represents femininity. Its color symbolizes purity, harmony, and peace.

Fine stone jewelry

Jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones has many health benefits.

To wear the right jewellery,
you should entrust the right
jeweller with its creation.

Jewelry fairs

During jewellery fairs, jewellers and watchmakers exhibit their latest creations and innovations. These fairs are organised in most major cities around the world. Their duration often depends on the organizers. For example, Eclad’or is a two-day event held at the Cité internationale in Lyon. Baselworld is held in Switzerland, in Basel, and lasts six days…

The most recent exhibitions are Première classe and Bijorhca which took place in Paris, more precisely at the Parc des Expositions – Porte de Versailles. September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair, JCK Las Vegas are some of the other well-known fairs…

Tips and tricks for choosing and using jewelry products

Jewelry is one of the essential accessories to complete a look. It can be matched with your outfit according to the occasion.

To perfectly clean and polish the pearls, use a soft cloth or chamois soaked in olive oil.

The choice of a strap for a watch is important as it underlines the contours of the watch and is highly visible.

Owners of luxury watches are required to have an overhaul every 3 to 5 years. Entrust a licensed professional with this task.

Jewelry is a fashion accessory capable of enhancing an outfit and adding a special sparkle to it.


Where to sell your jewelry?

Make selling your jewelry easy by seeking the help of a professional jeweler or by just doing it online.

How to sell your jewelry?

The simplest solution is to publish an ad on the Internet where you detail everything about the sold product.

Adding visual appeal to your jewel

It is possible to give more value to a piece of jewelry by taking care of its presentation. Keep it simple though!

Estimating your jewel's price

Before selling a valuable piece of jewelry, it is best to have it appraised by reliable experts.