What are the virtues of wearing diamond jewelry?

How can we talk about gemstones without mentioning diamonds? Without a doubt, it defines itself as the gemstone par excellence. In addition to its unparalleled beauty, it brings several virtues to man. In this context, the question that arises is:…

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The main materials you can use to make your own jewelry

Want to create your own jewelry? To help you with this new creative experience, we offer you a list of essential materials. This inventory, far from being exhaustive, is above all there to help you discern the basic material that…

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How and where to buy ivory jewelry?

Ivory, this precious material, once highly sought-after, has made it possible to create many jewels and decorative objects. Today, it is associated with animal extinction and poaching. Forbidden to production and sale, what about used ivory and its resale? We…

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Why wear gold-plated jewelry?

Have you ever wondered where the term “gold-plated” comes from and what it means? If you wear gold-plated jewelry, you should like this item. We will give you the advantages of this type of material and show you its differences…

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