Ethnic jewelry

Wooden ethnic jewelry is trendy these days!

A jewel is a tool of body radiation that can be worn on the clothing as well as on the skin. It is a favorable element to finalize the look of a woman or a man. We tend to wear…

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Why is Byzantine women’s jewelry so unique?

The Byzantine civilization was huge and the Empire developed very quickly. It lasted several centuries until the Middle Ages, about eleven centuries. At its peak, the Empire was the hub of trade in gold and precious fabrics. Traders also exported…

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Why are ethnic jewelry this popular?

Artistic, authentic, and unique, the ethnic jewels are very popular! We find them in the fashion shows, the big collections but also in many ready-to-wear stores. But how to wear ethnic jewels? Here are a few tips to help you…

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Let’s talk about Egyptian ethnic jewelry

From hieroglyphics to pyramids, ancient Egypt has always fascinated the modern world. The various discoveries about this civilization make it continue to be the center of attention of many researchers and professionals. Like other Egyptian objects, fashion accessories, especially the…

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