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4 tips to properly store your jewelry

Are you tired of wasting precious time every morning untangling your necklaces or finding your lost earrings? Is your mini treasure chest getting messier and messier? Don’t worry no more! Here we provide you with the best tips for storing…

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Your ultimate guide to diamonds’ colors

The undisputed queen of gemstones, the white diamond fascinates by its purity and brilliance. In reality colorless, this diamond acts like a prism, reflecting the white light, the sum of all colors, outwardly. This is what gives it its immaculate,…

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The difference between white, yellow and pink gold?

It is not uncommon to stop in front of the magnificent front of a jewelry store to take a look at it. And as for many people, the famous question: “What is the difference between each type of gold offered?”…

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Allergy to metal jewelry: the main solutions

Some people do not tolerate the contact of metal on their skin. This alloy can be silver, tin, nickel, zinc, zinc, copper, steel, or even gold. Permanent or intermittent contact with these products can cause itching, redness, eczema, or marks…

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