Why do we love jewelry made of natural stones so much?

Natural stones have been known since the dawn of time, but it is only recently that they have taken on a major role in jewelry. They have become fashionable while preserving their almost magical powers.

Natural stones combine fashion and well-being

Natural stones are increasingly used in the jewelry industry. These stones are mainly used to make necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Known as "natural stones", these stones have a unique beauty accompanied by incomparable originality. Recently, natural stone jewelry has become very popular in the fashion world. Because natural stones offer an incomparable aesthetic, choosing to wear jewelry made of natural stones also adds a touch of originality to your look. Also, customers have a choice in terms of quality or type of stone that they can adapt to all styles and desires, such as what you will see at Minerals Kingdom.

Wearing natural stone jewelry for good health

Lithotherapy is not meant to cure serious diseases, but natural stones have beneficial effects on health. Not all stones have the same effects, so it is important to choose the right stone. However, you can relieve many ailments and also fight against stress and anxiety by wearing a natural stone jewel. For example, the tiger's eye bracelet can protect you and the black obsidian stone can discharge you from negative energies. It should be noted that stones that have not undergone any transformation have more virtues than those that have already been transformed. As a result, they can heal more ailments such as muscular pain, digestive and circulatory disorders. Some natural stones are known for their healing properties: haematoid quartz, blue calcite, amazonite, and carnelian. Everyone is there for the taking.

Wear natural stones for luck

It is often said that jewelry is a "lucky charm" and this is nothing new as luck is one of its virtues. Certain natural stones are specifically considered to have the power to bring good luck. Often these stones are used by fortune-tellers or astrologers. It should be noted that even though they are stones of luck, each of them has very distinct roles. For example, citrine is known to bring luck in games, jade stone brings longevity and wealth, and quartz is known to bring luck in love.  
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