Why wear gold-plated jewelry?

Have you ever wondered where the term "gold-plated" comes from and what it means? If you wear gold-plated jewelry, you should like this item. We will give you the advantages of this type of material and show you its differences from pure gold.

What is gold-plated?

Gold-plated material is a mixture of two materials: a metal, usually brass or copper, and a thin layer of gold, which covers the jewel. The thickness of the material does not matter; as long as it is covered with a layer of gold, it is called "gold-plated". Gold plating is stronger than pure gold. Pure gold is not suitable for daily wear as jewelry. It is indeed more judicious to wear gold-plated jewelry on a daily basis, which does not risk anything, and to opt for pure gold jewelry on special occasions.

Advantages of wearing gold-plated jewelry

Your gold-plated jewelry is of better quality than jewelry made of costume materials. Indeed, they are resistant to water and blows. Moreover, if you like pink gold jewelry, it is possible to have jewelry in pink gold plated version! The price of gold-plated jewelry is also an important advantage over real gold. Be careful, a gold-plated jewel must be punched to certify its authenticity. The hallmark may include numbers corresponding to the carats of the gold used: 18, 14, or 10, 20. Don't hesitate to tell us if you wear pure gold or gold-plated jewelry, we would be curious to know!
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