Wooden ethnic jewelry is trendy these days!

A jewel is a tool of body radiation that can be worn on the clothing as well as on the skin. It is a favorable element to finalize the look of a woman or a man. We tend to wear jewelry in gold, platinum, steel, but especially in silver. But today, in search of a little more originality, we're starting to opt for ethnic jewels, more precisely wood jewels with an authentic style. They are jewels created by ethnic groups of different origins. And the current models refer to cultures and know-how coming from all horizons.


These parts are manufactured manually according to unique know-how. They are made from natural, renewable, and ecological materials. The ethnic accessories are accompanied by different materials such as mother-of-pearl, shells, stones, coral, and also bamboo to bring a touch of exoticism to your wardrobe. They have no resemblance with other jewelry models.


Wooden jewelry is more trendy than ever. It can be said that they offer countless advantages, and the first one could be the price. Indeed, whether it is rings, earrings, hairpins, necklaces, or bracelets and watches, everything is available at a small price. This significant advantage is easily explained because the raw material used is renewable and economical. The second advantage of the wooden accessory is that it can be combined with different types of looks, for an always attractive result. It can be worn with a casual outfit, but also with a more elegant outfit. You can easily find ethnic jewelry to match your outfit thanks to a wide range of items. Simple, discreet, extravagant, original... whatever, you will find what you need without breaking the bank!


In general, there are 7 shapes that adapt to the silhouette: the square, the wide rectangle, the high rectangle, the circle, the rhombus, the high triangle, and also the low triangle. All these shapes correspond to the morphologies of the woman. As an example, the circle exposes the round silhouettes, with a temperament in search of emotional security while being very moral. For this silhouette, it is preferable to choose a necklace decorated with round beads for example. The choice of your jewels is thus adapted according to your morphotype. This explains the uniqueness of these authentic pieces.
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