Why are ethnic jewelry this popular?

Artistic, authentic, and unique, the ethnic jewels are very popular! We find them in the fashion shows, the big collections but also in many ready-to-wear stores. But how to wear ethnic jewels? Here are a few tips to help you make the right choices.

Why go for ethnic trends

Ethnic fashion is also often an ethical fashion! Indeed, if ethnic jewels are so successful, it is also because they evoke a fairer trade and a commitment to the discovery of other cultures. It is thus not rare to find ethnic jewelry in small independent stores... but the price can sometimes seem unaffordable. It is the ransom of success that causes prices to soar. Fortunately, some stores offer ethnic jewelry at more affordable prices and with a very original style. After all, why should ethnic fashion only be reserved for the privileged? Especially since it can fit all women: those who like ethnic trends in their clothes as well as those who want to add a little originality to classic looks.

With which clothes should you wear ethnic jewelry?

Wearing an ethnic jewel is often associated with a style that is a little "exotic": an oriental look, a passion for African fashion, or Indian outfits... but it can also be combined with a more classic style. If you want to highlight your ethnic jewels, be aware however that they will be more emphasized combined with plain fabrics. Worn with printed fabrics, ethnic jewelry blends more into the outfit and stands out less. Moreover, if the outfit you wear is too classic, the jewelry could look a bit too extravagant, think instead of associating your jewelry with sophisticated outfits with modern cuts. Of course, it's all a matter of dosage and personal preference. The best solution is still to test the different outfits and the different jewels and to sort out what you like, what you like less, the way you like to wear your jewelry.

The mistakes you should avoid

If you are not used to wearing ethnic jewelry, you may be afraid of making certain mistakes. To avoid this, remember that an ethnic jewel is often a strong piece: in addition to knowing how to show it off, you should also avoid making your figure heavier in general by accumulating too many things. Simplicity and sobriety will be the keywords.
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