What are the virtues of wearing diamond jewelry?

Published on : 16 December 20203 min reading time

How can we talk about gemstones without mentioning diamonds? Without a doubt, it defines itself as the gemstone par excellence. In addition to its unparalleled beauty, it brings several virtues to man. In this context, the question that arises is: What virtues should a person who wears diamond jewelry expect?

The virtues of diamond on the mental level

First of all, wearing a diamond would make its owner invincible in battle like Napoleon who constantly carried it with him. It is also reputed to protect and send the negative wave back to emitters such as black wizards, sorcerers, or simply evil people. According to legends, only diamonds obtained in an honest way bring benefits to their owner.


Otherwise, the diamond would allow contact with the most powerful forces of the universe and its inner self. Belonging to the noble group of diamonds, it is also reputed to bring harmony between oneself and one’s partner by bringing clarity of mind and clairvoyance and by repelling tensions and anxieties.


Also, the “diamond” or diamond would considerably promote telepathy, relaxation, and premonitory dreams. Wearing a diamond jewel would therefore only be beneficial to the mind.

The virtues of diamond on the physical level

According to the followers of Hinduism, diamonds would produce positive effects on all organs of the body, especially the brain. It would help to nullify the effects of the poison and promote good dreams rather than bad ones to their owner. A shield against excessive worry, the diamond would promise beauty, strength, and long life to the wearer.


Still derived from this religion, wearing a diamond ring would make it easier for future mothers to give birth. Repelling stress, diamond is also known to strengthen the muscular system.


Finally, it is recommended to buy a natural diamond and not to wear someone else’s jewelry, as this reinforces good health to its owners.

Do diamonds have healing effects?

Taken from the English word “diamond”, the diamond would bring multiple virtues to the health of its owner. For example, wearing one would balance the metabolism, relieve all kinds of allergies, and calm bites and other venomous stings.


Besides, wearing diamonds would cure sight problems and stimulate blood circulation. Finally, good sleep would be guaranteed if you wear a diamond before falling asleep.

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