The main materials you can use to make your own jewelry

Want to create your own jewelry? To help you with this new creative experience, we offer you a list of essential materials. This inventory, far from being exhaustive, is above all there to help you discern the basic material that you will then be able to complete with secondary elements in the course of your creations.

The basic materials to make jewelry

To sort out, you must already distinguish three main families. First of all, the tools, such as the various pliers, scissors, and needles. They are essential to manipulate, deform, or cut your different materials. Another family of essential materials? Primers. In this category, you will find all the elements to finalize your jewelry creations: rings, clasps... Because even if you will be able to make some of them with your pliers, you will find ready-made frames or supports to make your life easier. Finally, the third big family is of course pearls! Rock pearls but also faceted beads, wooden, glass, or metal beads, you will soon realize that you have a lot to choose from! Beads to be associated with charms, these fantasy pendants allow you to customize the most classic jewelry.

A list of equipment to be completed according to your desires

Depending on the type of costume jewelry you wish to make, the beads and charms will then be completed (or replaced!) by a number of elements. Leather, rhinestones, chains, paracord, Fimo paste, paper, fabric... Because this is the great advantage of costume jewelry: they offer you a very large choice of combinations. That's why we advise you to keep an eye out and not to only use the materials available in hobby stores. Think about recycling as well as natural elements such as stones, shells, or wood. You will then obtain a unique piece of jewelry, in your own image, that you will be as proud to have realized as you will be happy to wear.
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