4 tips to properly store your jewelry

Published on : 17 December 20203 min reading time

Are you tired of wasting precious time every morning untangling your necklaces or finding your lost earrings? Is your mini treasure chest getting messier and messier? Don’t worry no more! Here we provide you with the best tips for storing your jewelry!

Turning a glass bottle into a bracelet and watch holder

If you too are in the habit of keeping the prettiest glass containers and think that one day they will be useful, this jewelry storage tip is for you! Take a glass bottle, clean it, and display it on your dressing table.
You can play with customization by pouring sand, gravel, or different colored glass beads into it. All you have to do is put your bracelets or watches on it.

Ice trays to store your earrings and rings.

The smallest jewels are surely the most difficult to store. Who has never misplaced an earring or a ring? We have found the solution! Your ice cube trays won’t just be there to refresh your hot days anymore! They will also serve as jewelry boxes.
Simply use an ice cube tray to be placed in a drawer and place your little wonders in each space! Simple, isn’t it?

Coasters to hang your necklaces

Who would have thought that a simple cork trivet could become your best ally in storing your jewelry? Well, try it, and you’ll have a very practical necklace holder!
For a truly original result, customize your cork trivet first. For example, make equal stripes with tape, and spray paint on the surface. Remove the tape after 2 hours of drying: you get a nicely personalized jewelry holder. To finish, drive simple small nails or pins into the cork, then hang your necklaces and necklaces on it. No more endless untangling!

A coat rack for your necklaces and bracelets

Here’s a suggestion, not coming from your kitchen, to cleverly store your necklaces and bracelets: get a wall coat rack with several small hooks! With this technique, your necklaces and bracelets will be easily accessible and will not fall out.
Hang the coat rack on your wall, above your dresser for example, and hang your bracelets and necklaces on the hooks, they will not move. Both practical and very simple, this trick is the one for you!

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