Your ultimate guide to diamonds’ colors

The undisputed queen of gemstones, the white diamond fascinates by its purity and brilliance. In reality colorless, this diamond acts like a prism, reflecting the white light, the sum of all colors, outwardly. This is what gives it its immaculate, crystalline brilliance. But still...

Diamonds in the colors of the rainbow

...Yet, in the shadow of the uncontrollable white diamond, we find astonishing and unexpected variations of the famous translucent stone. The slightest amount of chemicals can alter the purity of the gem and adorn it with splendid hues. From yellow to pink, through cold colors, diamonds have many faces.

Solar: the yellow diamond

It is the nitrogen content of the stone that will depend on its ability to present itself to the eyes of all adorned with the colors of the sun. The greater the quantity of sunlight, the more intense and frank the yellow of the gem will be. Jewelers classify yellow diamonds, according to the vividness of their color, into four categories: Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, and Fancy Vivid Yellow.

Deep: the blue diamond

Extremely rare, blue diamond owes its cold and troubling hue to the presence of boron in the stone, a chemical element. Like yellow diamonds, blue is subject to many variations, depending on the level of boron present in the interior, from sky blue to navy blue to royal blue. This type of stone is as rare as it is famous: Louis XIV first popularized it through the famous "blue diamond of the Crown of France". More recently, and in a fictitious way, such a jewel has fascinated millions of spectators through the "Heart of the Ocean" from the film Titanic by James Cameron.

Mysterious: the green diamond

It is by irradiation that a diamond can thus display the most beautiful color of nature: uranium alters the stone which thus adopts these nuanced reflections of hope. Here again, the hues are numerous, but generally speaking, the green of a diamond will be more spring-like and less cold than that of an emerald.

Luminous and sparkling: the pink diamond

Familiar for its reassuring and cheerful nuance, the pink diamond is nevertheless the most obscure, at least by its origins. Indeed, science is not yet able to explain what in its atomic structure gives the stone this hue to the colors of childhood and happiness.

What will be your diamond?

Independently of questions of price and rarity, the choice of a diamond should above all be the choice of the stone that resembles you. Of an absolute classicism and elegance, the white diamond federates by its sober majesty. The yellow stone astonishes by its freshness, while blue and green jewels are undeniably imbued with mystery. The pink diamond, for its part, combines the best of class and innocence. To each his own diamond one would be tempted to say...
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